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Keeping Your Dog Calm and Safe This 4th of July: Tips for Managing Anxiety and Stress

Keeping Your Dog Calm and Safe This 4th of July: Tips for Managing Anxiety and Stress

The 4th of July is a time for celebration, but for many dogs, the loud noises and fireworks can be a source of anxiety and stress. In fact, according to a study by the ASPCA, nearly one in five lost pets goes missing after being scared by fireworks or other loud noises. In this blog, we'll share some effective tips and strategies to help keep your furry friend calm and safe during the festivities.

Understanding Your Dog's Anxiety

  • Common Triggers: Fireworks, loud noises, large gatherings.
  • Signs of Anxiety: Panting, trembling, hiding, excessive barking, and destructive behavior. 

Preparing for the 4th of July

  • Create a Safe Space: Set up a quiet, comfortable area in your home where your dog can retreat to when they feel scared.
  • Exercise Earlier in the Day: Tire your dog out with a long walk or play session earlier in the day to help reduce their anxiety later on. 
  • Desensitization: Gradually expose your dog to recordings of fireworks at a low volume, increasing it over time to help them get used to the sound. Desensitization techniques.

During the Fireworks

  • Stay Calm: Dogs can pick up on your emotions, so try to remain calm and composed.
  • Use Calming Products: Consider using products like anxiety wraps, calming collars, CBD oils or make it a "Spaw" day moment with our own Cleo&Hooman Zoomie Wipes and Bark Butter, which contain soothing ingredients to help calm your dog.
  • Background Noise: Play soft music or turn on the TV to help drown out the sound of fireworks. (here's a playlist for that).
  • Stay Close: If possible, stay with your dog to provide comfort and reassurance. 

Post-Fireworks Care

  • Check for Injuries: After the fireworks, check your dog for any injuries or signs of distress.
  • Reassure and Comfort: Spend some quality time with your dog to help them feel safe and secure.
  • Maintain Routine: Stick to your dog's normal routine as much as possible to help them feel more at ease.

Additional Tips

  • Consult Your Vet: If your dog's anxiety is severe, consult your veterinarian for advice and possible medication options. 
  • Keep ID Tags Updated: Make sure your dog's ID tags and microchip information are up to date in case they escape during the fireworks. 

With a little preparation and the right strategies, you can help your dog stay calm and safe during the 4th of July celebrations. Remember, your furry friend's well-being is the most important thing, so take the necessary steps to ensure they have a stress-free holiday.