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Our Mission

At Cleo&Hooman, our mission is to provide pets and their families with grooming products that are as kind to the skin as they are to the environment. Founded on the principle of gentle effectiveness, free from harsh chemicals, we are committed to creating solutions that not only soothe and nourish but also uphold the highest standards of quality and well-being.

Our journey, inspired by Cleo's own story and the collective experiences of devoted pet parents, is fueled by innovation, passion, and the expertise of trusted veterinarians. We stand for safety, luxury, and the belief that every pet deserves the best care. Join us in our dedication to celebrating and enriching the lives of pets everywhere.

Our Commitment

Cleo&Hooman is dedicated to creating top-notch pet care products. Collaborating with veterinary dermatologists, we ensure our products are safe, effective, and exceed pet wellness needs. Our mission blends science with nature, providing superior grooming experiences.

Giving Back

At Cleo&Hooman, our heart for giving extends to a spectrum of causes. Each purchase you make helps us support a variety of animal welfare initiatives, from shelter aid to health research. We believe in a multifaceted approach to giving, ensuring that every aspect of pet life is enriched and cared for. This commitment is our way of making a lasting, positive impact in the diverse world of pets and their families.

Education & Awareness

Cleo&Hooman isn't just about products or donations; we're committed to educating and raising awareness about pet health and welfare. Through workshops, online resources, and partnerships, we aim to empower pet owners with knowledge, fostering a community well-informed about pet care, nutrition, and wellbeing. This pillar of our mission helps ensure that pets not only live but thrive in loving, informed environments.

Every Cleo&Hooman piece is uniquely crafted upon order, blending bespoke quality with our commitment to sustainability.

Your choice supports eco-friendly practices and helps reduce overproduction.

Thank you for making a difference with us one stylish, conscientious purchase at a time.

No Waste, Small Batch Production

Cleo&Hooman embraces a no-waste, small-batch production philosophy, crafting only what's needed to avoid excess and ensure every product you receive is at its peak freshness.

Our mindful approach prioritizes the planet without compromising on the premium quality you expect.

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